I'm on my period, can I still get a Brazilian? 

Absolutely! We do require that a tampon is worn during the service for sanitation reasons. Do keep in mind that waxing services may result in a bit more discomfort due to hormonal changes. 

What are the differences between a beekini, Signature Brazilian, and Brazilian Plus waxing options? 

Beekini: This service follows the panty line that is typically associated with most standard female panties/bathing suit bottoms. It does not include full removal of the public hair on the labia, or between the cheeks. 

Signature Brazilian: Our most popular service includes removal of all the pubic hair and the backside! Alternatively our clients can opt for a triangle or landing strip. 

Brazilian Plus: We proudly serve clients from all walks of life, including trans and non-binary folx. We are sensitive to all body types! The Brazilian Plus is designed for those looking for a Brazilian wax that caters to their own specific anatomy. Please call for booking this specific service.

I'm pregnant, is getting a signature brazilian/bikini wax still a good option for me?

Yes, we average about 2-4 pregnant clients a week. You may find waxing services to be slightly more painful during pregnancy, but aside from that we are more than happy to accommodate our future mothers. 

Do you guys sell merchandise or other gift items?

We will be selling merchandise soon! Stay tuned! We currently offer digital Gift Cards (honey money) which can be purchased here